This is available to IMGs applying for residency and/or fellowship.


Not long ago, I arrived to the USA with the dream of entering into residency. I really did not know much about the whole process. It literally took me 4 years to figure out the system. First, I realized that I needed to clear my visa situation, waiving from a J1 visa to H1, then successfully self-sponsoring my green card. Over the years, I have learned that written, nonverbal and verbal communications are key ingredients for success. I have used this principle to assist countless other IMGs in getting into residency and fellowship programs in the U.S.

I am passionate about empowering, coaching and teaching IMGs.

While we cannot guarantee that signing-up as a member of IMG-COACH will make you match, we can guarantee exponential enhancement of your chances to match if you follow the principles that we teach.

Required material

This information will help us make a better initial evaluation of your case and will allow us to start making an electronic file for you that will be available to you. This system is extremely effective at the time of scramble when fax machines are overwhelmed.

1. E-mail addresses as well as phone numbers
2. USMLE scores report
3. Medical school transcript
4. Deanís letter
5. Curriculum Vitae
6. Personal statement
7. Letters of recommendation

We realize that most of this documentation might not be ready at the time of signing-up with us but we absolutely need your CV early on for the initial evaluation.

Coaching schedule

This is one-on-one coaching that is directed to the specific member situation

After reviewing your required material, your coach will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, will gather more
information during his initial telephone interview with you and implement a plan of action for success.

There will be monthly follow-ups to assess the progress of the members for continued guidance and assistance outside of
the teleseminars and newsletters.


1. Design of the roadmap for success including timetable

2. Reminder of important events via newsletters

3. Facilitation of understanding, education about the whole process and networking among members through teleseminars

4. Tips on best preparation for step1, step2, and step3

5. Assistance in putting together a great CV

6. Assistance in putting together a great personal statement

7. Tips on obtaining a paid and/or unpaid research job

8. Tips on obtaining paid healthcare related jobs

9. Assistance with communication with programs throughout the entire process

10. Assistance with visa status including tips on maintaining a valid visa till entering a residency

11. Tips on green card self-sponsoring

12. How to ask for an outstanding letter of recommendation

13. assistance in selection of fitted programs for residency

14. How to ace an interview and be competitive in the match

15. How to prepare for the scramble, be effective in obtaining interviews and secure a post-match position for unmatched

16. Tips on the best preparation for a great residency start

17. Coaching comes with a Personal Development Program to shape and reprogram the mindset of our members for better
mental preparation, confidence and success.

Documents submitted must be in "Microsoft Word" or Acrobat .pdf format. "Word" documents will be converted to Acrobat .pdf formatted documents so that they can easily be read by either MAC or PC computers.

Signing-up with IMG-COACH costs only $895 for coaching for one year.

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Additional services: We offer special preparation for successful Internship for only $295 for matched applicants who were not initially members of

After your credit card information has been processed you will receive via e-Mail Confirmation a Password
and the URL Address where your  password protected online files can be obtained.

This could take up to 72 hours after you have inputted your contact
information to the PayPal Checkout

If this has not occurred please call our toll free number listed below

If you are uncomfortable making credit card payments on the Net
Payment can be made by check or money order payable

Medcoach Publishing, LLC
P.O. Box 222
Centennial, CO 80015

Payment of these fees are not refundable



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