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Congratulations! You have worked hard to enter residency and you definitely deserve it. As you know, adjusting to a new environment is stressful and you want to perform at the teamís expectations the very first day you get started, why? Because it will give you confidence, a good reputation in the program and maybe a fellowship or chief resident position later.

Our basic coaching covers several aspects of the most important tasks of an intern and beyond as we also offer to coach you on any particular area of your choice at no extra charge! The topics we cover are as follow:

1. Roundsmanship teaching
2. Cultural competency
3. History and physical taking
4. Subjective Objective Assessment Plan note
5. Admission note
6. Discharge summary
7. Interpersonal skills
8. What to do to avoid probation!
9. And much more depending on your needs

Roundsmanship is your ability to impress the team during rounds. This is an area in which International Medical Graduates do not do well as compared to American Graduates. We give you the opportunity to practice roundsmanship over the phone and provide feedbacks on how you performed and how to improve.

Cultural competency
Cultural competency is "a set of academic and personal skills that allow us to increase our understanding and appreciation of cultural differences between groups." Becoming culturally competent is a developmental process. We give you tips on how to tailor your personal culture to the multicultural environment in which you work and live.

Admission Note/Orders
The admission note is usually written within the next hour following the patientís admission. It is a very specific note with certain information. One of the most important categories on the note is the admission orders because what you write will affect the patient and will be scrutinized by the entire team! We have a simple mnemonic that will allow you to write orders in any case and situation with intravenous fluid orders, special call orders and activity/diet orders. This will save you months of learning the hard way and will establish you very quickly as an intern who knows what he talks about!

History and Physical
The history and physical (H&P) is a detailed note of the patientís medical and social life. In many cases, it is one of the most important duties of an intern and the team and staff judges your ability to obtain a detailed and current history based on your notes. This is one area where IMGs have many difficulties just because the system is different.

Subjective Objective Assessment Plan note
The Subjective Assessment and Plan (SOAP) note or progress note is a daily succinct report of the progress the patient has made over the course of his hospitalization. We provide tips on how to effectively formulate your assessment and plan.

Discharge Summary
A discharge summary is done for every patient that was admitted to the hospital, regardless of the reason. It is a detailed note to the primary care physician regarding the patientís stay in the hospital covering the reason of the admission, treatments rendered and further recommendation. The discharge summary has a unique structure and is an important legal document. Here again, the attending will assess the internís ability to summarize a hospital stay because he is the one that signs the letter. In some cases, when a resident is not performing well the first year, all the discharge summaries, H&P and notes are reviewed in the probation process. It is very important to know how to do well regardless of your intelligence.

Interpersonal skills
Personality conflicts and inability to communicate properly could have some deleterious effects on your performance. This area of coaching parallels with the cultural competency. The art of communication is the cornerstone of our coaching program.

What to do to avoid Probation
Many IMGs get into probation and lose their residency spots for avoidable reasons. We have put together a blueprint on residency etiquette that will save you from getting into probation.

And much moreÖbecause we tailor our services based on your needs!
The successful internship program is only $295. Contact us today for more information!

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