Based on our experience interacting with program directors and residency selection committees, it is now a fact that letters of recommendation have become the second most important part of the application for residency with the USMLE scores occupying the first position.

In order to help you with the application process, we have prepared a highly sophisticated document that provides you with a comprehensive approach and understanding of the necessary steps to ask for a letter of recommendation including the tips to obtain a non-standard Deanís letter.

In the document, we describe the different types of letters of recommendation, the various steps to ask for a strong letter of recommendation; if you are willing to know:

1. How to ask for a letter of recommendation in different settings (externship/observership in the US) or (clinical situation in your home country)
2. When to ask for a strong letter
3. Whom to ask for a letter

And if you are excited about having many of the more frequent questions on letters of recommendation answered, then sign-up for only $35 to receive that valuable information.

You will also receive 3 different samples of LOR that mimic situations of applicants receiving letters from preceptors in home country medical school, from home country colleagues, and physicians who supervised their work in the US.
Instructions on how to obtain a non-standard Deanís letter with samples are included. We have contrasted the Deanís letter with the Medical School Performance Evaluation (MSPE) and provided a sample as well.

All of the above for only $35!


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