Some of you have no interviews so far and your only option to allow your dream of getting into residency to come through is to participate in the post-match scramble. Even for those who did interviews wisdom holds that you be prepared for scramble as well just in case…

So much is to be said about chances to get into residency during the match and even more so at the time of scramble. Yes, even if you have a slim chance to post-match in a program, the chance is not zero, therefore, it is worth trying.
Dr. Franck Belibi has extensive experience in preparing International Medical Graduates for the scramble and has done so with success. Dr. Belibi is inviting you to participate in an extraordinary scramble workshop that will take place on February 21, 2009 in the form of a teleconference. Participants will be instructed on how to get connected to the teleconference once they sign-up for it.

During that workshop, Dr. Belibi will reveal the secrets of “do-it-yourself” scramble preparation. There will be two different sessions 60 minutes each with the possibility for each participant to attend both sessions. Participants will be given the chance to ask questions for 20 minutes in each session after the presentation by the moderator.

Objectives of the scramble workshop

At the end of each workshop, participants should be able:

1. To have a good understanding of the scramble process as a whole and the importance of time saving skills
   during this fast pace process

2. To prepare appropriate documentation for their application (including electronic file)

3. To use what I call the “create connection” tips to make appropriate connections with potential programs that
    anticipate to be unfilled after the match

4. To have a clear idea of the timeline for successful scramble including step-by-step process for having your
    application reviewed by more programs

5. To visualize how they are going to conduct their scramble and what tasks will be delegated to their helpers
    (friends and families)

6. To use communication strategies to effectively contact program coordinators and directors

Past experiences have shown that it is not enough to transmit your documents in a expedite fashion during the scramble as those often time don’t get reviewed. The most important action you ought to take is to speak with program coordinators or directors in regards to your application. We will go over different sequences of communication during the workshop. It is going to be powerful and exciting for you, do not miss this opportunity.

Scramble workshop participation is only $35

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