Dr. Eva Dumasia

"With low USMLE scores and an average resume, the journey of becoming a physician in the United States seemed so inaccessible until I met Dr. Belibi. He provided me with enormous help and support at every step of the residency application starting from program selection, interaction with programs, writing an impressive personal statement, making an outstanding application, sending out applications, following- up
with the programs, mock interviews and thank you letter after the interviews. He was very easily approachable and ready to answer all my questions. In retrospect, signing-up with IMG-coach was a smart decision. I had always pictured the Residency Match as a painful process but with the help and guidance, it turned out to be a great experience. I am looking forward to his Successful Internship Coaching as I prepare for my Family Practice Internship.

I recommend Dr. Belibi in highest terms for coaching”

Dr. Avi
“The road to securing a residency spot has not been easy for me despite being a US citizen who freshly graduated from a Caribbean school. I did 2 years of clinical rotations in the US but struggled with low scores in USMLE. Upon meeting Dr. Belibi in my second attempt, I felt like my overall application had improved but failed short of matching again. Dr. Belibi instilled in me the belief that I could still find a post match residency position, he assisted me in designing the winning letter that allowed me to secure an interview. Thanks to the ultimate interview preparation I had with Dr. Belibi I was able to secure a position in Internal Medicine. I have to say that throughout the entire process I received sound advice and tremendous support from Dr. Belibi. He was always available to discuss strategy and answered my questions in a timely fashion.

What a professional!”

Dr. Nidhi Srivastava
“With only few interview invitations, I signed-up for the IMG-coach interview program to maximize my chances to match. As a silent reader of Dr. Belibi aka Dr. Rock’s remarks on the forum, it did not take me long to inquire about his coaching. Dr. Belibi coached personally, was always available, allowed ample time during each session and never seemed to rush through the process. I could practice as many times as I wanted to. His preparatory questions were many times similar to what the interviewers asked. His feedbacks were tailored to bring out the best of me. Dr. Belibi’ style of coaching was great.

Thanks to Dr. Belibi, I discover a fabulous way of interview follow-up that eventually led me to match in my program of choice.

I unhesitatingly recommend Dr. Belibi to anyone who is considering to be coached. I am looking forward to starting the successful internship coaching program under his direction.

I wish him all the best in his endeavors ahead”

Dr. Ronny Tchokonte

“I had the privilege of receiving coaching from Dr. Franck Belibi, ending up matching in a great university residency program. Later on, I used his powerful system to enter one of the most competitive top ten ranked pulmonary fellowship program. Franck changed my perspective of life, as a residency applicant, he taught me how to step into my own power and communicate with program directors. I cannot begin to tell how grateful I am for the energy Franck insufflated in my life, an energy that I delivered during the entire process via written, nonverbal, and verbal communication for a

 phenomenal success. Franck is authentic in his delivery and without a doubt an amazing trainer. I strongly recommend that any IMGs, even those just like me who had high scores get his coaching to match in great university programs.

Thanks so much Franck for work well done”

Dr. Jeroen Coppens

Dr. Jeroen Coppens“I have known Franck for many years. When we were in medical school in Belgium, we inspired and motivated each other on our goal to getting into residency in the U.S. I got into Neurosurgery Residency right after med school while Franck chose to have a research experience before the residency training. Because he had the J-1 visa for research and successfully waived to a H-1B himself without going back to his country for 2 years, I sought his input on my J-1 waiver. When it comes to getting a residency program in the U.S., IMGs do far more better when they are guided by someone who has already successfully done what they want to do because the whole

 process is complex. Without a doubt, Franck has walked the walk and has gone through far more than you can imagine. I command his desire to help more IMGs reaching their goal and I truly hope that you will give him the opportunity to help you in the journey”

Dr. Scott Kono

Dr. Scott Kono
“I am currently a Chief Resident in Internal Medicine working with Franck. Dr Belibi is a great leader and achiever. He has demonstrated his superior knowledge in our Medicine Residency Program by his excellent presentations and teaching sessions with medical students. He always goes the extra mile to help his team, given what I know about his hard work and values; I have no doubt that he will be valuable to any IMG”

Dr. Cristele Kamga

“I would like to fully and wholeheartedly acknowledge Franck’s support in helping me match with my #2 Internal Medicine University Residency Program this year. Franck helped me see the value that I have to offer as an IMG and helped me ease the stress generated by the residency application process. He conveys positive vibrations in an organized and strategic way. At his teaching sessions, I have learned so much how to better communicate with programs and make my shy personality stand out.

Franck is my champion, make him be yours.”

Dr. Ram Belakere

Dr. Ram Belakere“Dr. Franck Belibi is the “star” among IMGs in our program. I worked with him during a rotation in one of the Internal Medicine service. Franck was one of the few who helped me figure out what the rotation's expectations were. Not only that, he assisted me with a very difficult patient during my ICU rotation ( intensive care unit) and that made a tremendous difference in my final evaluation. He is a good listener and has a vast knowledge with empathy, and is always looking for the opportunity to empower any IMG he comes into contact with, <he is always telling me that I have value to offer and that I deserve to be where I am>, sometimes it helps to hear that when you are having a stressful day.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from him.”

Dr. Josephine Ngozi
“With average scores in USMLE, I matched this year in a great Internal Medicine Residency Program thanks to Franck’s teaching. I am so grateful for his assistance in obtaining externships, the tips he gave me to get a research job and the way he reviewed and upgraded my application package. Franck is well documented; he knows all the IMGs facts. I am currently using his coaching for fellowship”

Dr. JM-Kansas
" I am a foreign medical graduate who was working as a research postdoctoral fellow for several years while trying to position myself to begin a residency. I applied for a green card while on my H1-B and being a self sponsored application (not employment based) the process was very rigorous and demanding. Franck provided me with invaluable counsel and guidance that not only ensured eventual success of my application but also helped to hasten the process. I am currently embarking on a residency in Internal Medicine at my first choice school.

I remain greatly indebted to Franck and have no hesitation recommending his services."



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